Air Group One is the San Diego Wing of the "Commemorative Air Force"

The mission of the Commemorative Air Force is education, such that generations of Americans will value and support the contributions of military aviation in assuring our nation’s freedom.





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Air Group One Supports the Community with Commemorative Memorial Flyovers!


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Next FlyDay is September 2nd 2016!

Because at FlyDays, we're all pilots and fly the P-51 Mustang.


Yeah, we're that cool.


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Air Group One Staff members are looking for hard working dedicated members to fill certain key roles in our organization.

“Custom Handmade P-51 Mustang Pedal Plane Winner Announced”

Lynda and Steven Brooks of Fallbrook entered the drawing for the P-51 pedal plane while attending AirShow San Diego in June at Gillespie Field. They hoped to win the pedal plane for their 2 year old grandson, Bruce, who lives in Oregon. Bruce’s father was a pilot in the Army and is currently a commercial pilot, so aviation is in his family. Lynda and Steven were very excited to learn theirs was the winning ticket and are looking forward to delivering the pedal plane to their grandson in February. Congratulations to the Brooks’ and thank you for supporting Air Group One and AirShow San Diego!