Air Group One, CAF A-STEM participated at the SDSA High Tech Fair October 21-22, 2014, Bing Crosby Hall at Del Mar Fairgrounds.  The goal was to show grade 6-12 students the value and diversity of aerospace professions related to Science, Technology, Engineering, Math (STEM) disciplines. In addition to Aerospace/Engineering there were sections for Robotics, Biotech. Clean Tech, Health Tech, Conservation, ICT, with their own front-runner groups.

Organizers San Diego Science Alliance (SDSA) report the count for Tues. night is 1,000 parents and students, and 3,200 for Wednesday grades 6-12 student bus loads from all over the County. No, of course we were not able to address them all, but we were ALWAYS busy with an audience. And at least 90% passed and admired the AG-1 booth in the Aerospace/Engineering section.

 The AG-1 booth was continuously fully active with 3 simultaneous activities: Flight Simulator Operations, A-STEM-Engineering Powerpoints and discussions, and Aerospace Manufacturing Materials. We displayed a Kitfox airplane generously loaned by the San Diego Air & Space Museum. Many manufactured examples of hi-tech materials were loaned by our major supporter GKN Aerospace Chem-Tronics, Inc., El Cajon. Other tier one corporations represented in our immediate area were Northrop Grumman, Lockheed Martin, General Atomics, NARF North Island, United Technology Aerospace Systems, Solar Turbines, SPAWARS, Geocon, and Cubic Corp.

This was a “rubber-on-the-road” outreach to the youth of our community. Although there is a promotional/advertising aspect, the real purpose was to execute a stated AG-1 mission to help with the need for more STEM high-tech U.S. college graduates in the near future. Our program is always in need of qualified volunteers. Contact us at

ECEDC Welcome at the Air Group One - Aviation Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (A-STEM) program.

The program is organized and executed by Air Group One, based at Gillespie Field in El Cajon, CA, and is a synergistic effort by many in the aviation community. Volunteers from many different aviation environments have organized for the sake of our nation's youth, in San Diego County.

Sat. Feb. 8   9:00  am to 2:00 pm  San Diego Air & Space Museum Annex at Gillespie Field

Aviation Day  consists of scheduled sequential topics every 50 minutes. Subjects will include Power Plants, Aerodynamics, Helicopters, Aviation Materials, Space-age topics, Robotics and Aviation Careers. Students will be divided into escorted smaller groups that rotate through several learning stations with experienced aviation instructors and technicians. Students will be in direct contact with real aircraft and equipment, with the assistance of qualified pilots/instructors.


Terry Brennan. General Aviation pilot, Curator of the San Diego Air & Space Museum.

Howard Young. Retired USN Flight Test pilot, Aeronautical Engineer, college educator.

Swede Gamble. Former Naval Aviator, former FAA Inspector, general Aviation pilot, flight instructor.

Kathy Wagschal. Aerospace Engineer, NAVAIR F/A-18 In-Service Support.

Darrel Cook. General Aviation , qualified formation pilot, flight instructor, master aircraft mechanic.

Sonya McMullen. Adjunct Assistant Professor at Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University, General Aviation pilot, former USAF with National Security Agency.

Rick Worthen. General Aviation pilot and flight instructor, former FAA representative.

Jim McGarvie. Former Naval Aviator, retired airline captain, Wing Leader of Air Group One / CAF

Howard Merritt. General Aviation pilot, engineer and master aircraft mechanic.

Joel Perez. Aerospace Engineer, Pratt & Whitney AeroPower.

Dragan Radoicic. Engineer. AltitudeCAM LLC aerial cinematography and photography, RC multi rotor aircrafts.

Spirit of '45 National Day of Remembrance

World War II ended on August 14, 1945 marking the culminating moment of the greatest national effort in our history.  We are free to be thankful and remember what it was like to be American on that date when pride was at its highest point.  This is the 68th Anniversary of that event. 

We celebrated this event at the Veterans Museum on Sunday, August 11th, 2013, THE SPIRIT OF '45 DAY,  the annual National Day of Remembrance.  Americans in thousands of locations across the country will observe this historic moment by paying tribute to -- and carry-on -- the legacy of World War II Americans.

The public was welcomed to attend and celebrate the victory brought about by sacrifices made by the Veterans of World War II and their families.

Talk one-on-one with WWII Veterans, Hometown Heroes, and Rosie Riveters, and representatives of Allies to learn what it was like to be a proud American on the day when they learned the War was over, we won and began to rebuild lives at home and abroad. 

Air Group One's A-STEM Progress Reports

August 8th, 2013

Our Air Group One A-STEM program and the SDSU AFROTC pilots program together have qualified the Group to participate in a new flight sim training system initially designed for USAF Initial Flight Screening (IFS) and USN Flight Training, all developed by Flack Maguire, president of Virtual Flight Academy (VFA). It has been in work for several years.

On Monday August 5th and Wednesday August 7th several of our Group visited Kearny High School, near Montgomery Field, for an introduction to several examples of the new system. They were able to "fly" each of 3 stations. Later in those days, these experienced pilots actually provided flight sim instruction for a group of teens USN Sea Cadets and Jr. ROTC during their summer program. But this instruction was based on a Cessna 172 vice a military trainer. Though there was practically no preparation time, the instructors did a very impressive job with the kids. The staff was extremely happy and appreciative of the volunteer effort made by Air Group One.

Making up the group were Dwight Wait, Rick Worthen, Abraham Talerman, Tom Valenzia, Rich Kenney, and myself. Rick, Dwight, and Abraham did the actual instructor work.

VFA and Air Group One are working on securing a funded flight sim station for use at Gillespie Field, perhaps in the Building 9 classroom space offered by GKN Aerospace, Inc. Chemtronics (right across the street from Air Group One). The plan is to make it available for AFROTC flight-bound students. During other times it would be available for our own A-STEM projects. That plan is under construction by the team members mentioned above.