Air Group One's A-STEM Progress Reports

August 8th, 2013

Our Air Group One A-STEM program and the SDSU AFROTC pilots program together have qualified the Group to participate in a new flight sim training system initially designed for USAF Initial Flight Screening (IFS) and USN Flight Training, all developed by Flack Maguire, president of Virtual Flight Academy (VFA). It has been in work for several years.

On Monday August 5th and Wednesday August 7th several of our Group visited Kearny High School, near Montgomery Field, for an introduction to several examples of the new system. They were able to "fly" each of 3 stations. Later in those days, these experienced pilots actually provided flight sim instruction for a group of teens USN Sea Cadets and Jr. ROTC during their summer program. But this instruction was based on a Cessna 172 vice a military trainer. Though there was practically no preparation time, the instructors did a very impressive job with the kids. The staff was extremely happy and appreciative of the volunteer effort made by Air Group One.

Making up the group were Dwight Wait, Rick Worthen, Abraham Talerman, Tom Valenzia, Rich Kenney, and myself. Rick, Dwight, and Abraham did the actual instructor work.

VFA and Air Group One are working on securing a funded flight sim station for use at Gillespie Field, perhaps in the Building 9 classroom space offered by GKN Aerospace, Inc. Chemtronics (right across the street from Air Group One). The plan is to make it available for AFROTC flight-bound students. During other times it would be available for our own A-STEM projects. That plan is under construction by the team members mentioned above.