Aerial Ash Dispersal Services


At this difficult time families may wish to honor their loved one by scattering ashes. The scattering of ashes is an affordable, unique and elegant funeral service option. The cremated remains are released into the air allowing the currents of the wind to take them on a final journey. We will work with you to select the right location and witnessing option for your loved one’s funeral service. We wish to help families bring closure to a difficult and trying time in a professional, safe, caring and dignified manner.

Upon completion of the flight, you will receive a Certificate of Air Scattering with the GPS coordinates for your reference. 


Alton "Boots" McCormick

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Unwitnessed Service

Our un-witnessed service scattering is completed within 60 days of receipt of the cremated remains and is done on a date and time of our choosing.You will be notified of the scheduled date with an invitation to the airport. This allows family and friends to gather at the airport with flowers and/or flower petals to be scattered along with the ashes.

Though more than one scattering may take place on this flight, each scattering is performed discretely and individually.

Price is location-based and includes filling of all necessary paperwork and obtaining all permits.


If you have questions, we invite you to contact us at 619-242-2782 or visit our FAQ and we will gladly provide additional information for your consideration. We hope we can be of service. Thank you and we look forward to your patronage. 



I wanted to express our sincere gratitude for the outstanding care that you gave our family for the release of the ashes of my father, Col. Donald L. Flood. Everything exceeded our expectations. All of the pre flight communication was greatly appreciated and we succeeding in giving my dad his one big request of me, a last ride on a T-6. I know yours is painted up Navy but I am sure he appreciated that we had an air force pilot at the controls. The special parachute rig that you made worked amazingly well. My dad never had to exit a plane in the air but if he did he would have wanted that parachute!. Alton, The pilot was exactly on time over the beach and our family got some great pictures to remember the event. The ash cloud lingered over the surf for almost ten minutes, it was amazing. It is a memory that I and our family will always have, and I am glad that I found your organization to fulfill my dad’s wish. Thank you very much.

John F.