air group one elections

Air Group One Staff members are looking for hard working dedicated members to fill certain key roles in our organization.

Someone who:

  • Shares their talents with the aviation community

  • Thrives on Community Outreach & Education

  • Is inspired to teach A-STEM education to Elementary & Junior High School Kids

  • Is driven to be part of something better

  • Likes to get their hands dirty

  • Enjoys Volunteering in a non-profit environment

These are Staff positions requiring the following:

  • Approx. 2- 10 hours per month (more if you want it!).

  • You must be a current paid Air Group One

  • You must be a current paid CAF member

  • Excellent Communication and Organizational skills

  • Some positions require technical savvy


If you've been nominated (surprise!) and DO NOT wish to be considered, please contact our Election Committee Chair Jack Draper at 619-244-0676


Current Positions, and the Officers that hold them, that are up for re-election

WING LEADER | Doug English

He or she shall be responsible for providing overall leadership and direction for the Unit. As the Unit’s CEO, the leader should be involved in all aspects of the Unit’s operation, but this does not mean that he/she has to manage every detail. That might be possible in a small Unit, but it is impossible for the larger Units. Like any CEO, the leader should be aware of what fellow volunteers are doing to support the CAF and Unit mission.

The Unit Leader is the public face of the organization and should be ready and willing to talk knowledgeably about the CAF and the Unit. He/she is also an ambassador for General Aviation in the community, fostering a welcoming and open atmosphere at Unit meetings and events so that guests may feel that they can be a part of the CAF family.

Among the Unit Leader’s specific duties are: • current knowledge of CAF rules and regulations • preparation of Unit meeting agenda • serving as chairman at meetings • appointing various committee members, etc. The Unit Leader is also responsible for supervising the overall financial status of the Unit, ensuring that accurate financial reports are made to Headquarters, the Unit staff, and to the Unit’s membership.

**Time Requirement ~10 hrs/mo


The Finance Officer shall have charge of all Unit funds collected, keep accurate records of such funds, and is responsible for Unit compliance with all CAF regulations, policies and directives that relate to financial matters. He/she shall submit to CAF Headquarters, in a timely manner, all required reports. This officer insures that all monies and property donated shall become the property of the Commemorative Air Force, Inc., and used in accordance with CAF policies. A CAF Unit may be disbanded for failure to provide accurate and timely financial reports to Headquarters.

Specific duties include coordination of membership files with collection of dues, and payment of approved Unit debts. He/she shall determine voting eligibility of members prior to Unit elections. He/she oversees finances of all Unit projects, submits Unit records for audit on an annual basis, and communicates with CAF Headquarters through the Secretary/Treasurer. His signature plus one more authorized Unit staff officer’s will appear on all Unit checks. See the Unit Finance Guide for detailed information. Also see Paragraph F of this Section, Unit Financial Policy.

Time Requirement ~10 hrs/mo

ADJUTANT | Debbie English

The Adjutant Officer shall record and maintain the permanent minutes of all Unit Staff meetings. He shall maintain suitable correspondence files concerning the business and activities of the Unit and assure that all required Unit reports are submitted to CAF Headquarters in a timely fashion. Further, he shall assist the Unit in the timely preparation and dissemination of such correspondence of a general nature. In coordination with the Finance Officer, he shall maintain the Unit personnel records. He shall advise the Headquarters’ Membership Department of any changes of the Unit membership, and on a semi-annual (January and July) basis provide a roster of Unit members for verification and updating.

**Time Requirement ~10 hrs/mo


The revised Safety Office Job description in this section has been developed to give new Safety Officers a better idea of the responsibilities and duties that come with the Safety Officer position. Review the responsibilities listed below that are applicable to your Unit when you perform the safety duties.

1) Work directly with the Unit's Operations Officer to ensure safe aircraft ground operations during flight activities. 2) Work with the Unit's Maintenance Officer to ensure safe maintenance activities. 3) Act as the Unit's contact for members on Safety issues or concerns. 4) Ensure the Unit's facility and aircraft have adequate fire protection available for expected exposures. 5) Ensure the Unit's facility and when applicable the Unit's aircraft have adequate first aid protection available. 6) Ensure the Unit's facility has the Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) for expected exposures. 7) Ensure that all hazardous materials (including oils, solvents, paints, and batteries) are properly stored, recycled, or disposed of. 8) Ensure that all hazardous materials in the Unit's facility are reviewed to ensure that proper procedures are developed for their use and that appropriate PPE is available. 9) Ensure that only qualified personnel perform marshalling and fire guard duties. 10) Ensure that only qualified personnel operate aircraft tugs or forklift trucks. 11) Ensure safe condition of tools, equipment, and facilities. 12) Ensure that the Unit's facility has a written Emergency Action Plan in place. (Include: Fire, Injury, Chemical Spill, Evacuation, and Natural Disaster) 13) When holding events for the public (air shows, aircraft displays, paid aircraft rides, dances, or dinners) at your facility, ensure that the public's safety is included in your event planning. 14) Conduct Unit safety meetings and safety training as is necessary. 15) Conduct periodic (Monthly or Quarterly) documented Safety Inspections of the Unit's facility. 16) Conduct investigations into any accidents, incidents, or near misses that occur at the Unit's facility or with the Unit's aircraft. 17) Report all accidents and incidents to the CAF’s Vice President of Safety/ Maintenance and Operation Office. (Report by telephone as soon as possible and follow up with an appropriate written report.)

**Time Requirement ~10 hrs/mo


The Development Officer is responsible for overseeing all development activities for the Unit, including creating a Culture of Philanthropy and oversight of fundraising activities. This position assesses the potential for success of any fundraising activity/plan, and provides a recommendation to the Unit Officers. He clears all fundraising activities/plans with the Unit Officers, and as appropriate, with CAF Headquarters. He coordinates and ensures that appropriate recognition of donors is completed in a timely manner, for both cash and in-kind donations. Point of Contact with CAF Headquarters is as follows:

1) Solicitation for funds from Foundations and Corporations with a national presence: Vice President of Development. 2) Fundraising Events: Vice President of Operations and Maintenance 3) Fundraising Projects: CAF Secretary/Treasurer
i. Education Officer The Education Coordinator will support the national implementation of the CAF “Rise Above” National Educational/Inspirational Programs at the unit level. These programs are designed to take the lessons of the Tuskegee Airmen, WASPs, and other key marginalized groups within society during WWII, and showcase their struggle to achieve their goals, thereby relating the challenges of the past to the challenges faced today (with emphasis on young people).
This person will also support the development of educational programs at the unit local level and its integration into the community. As part of the “Rise Above” educational programs, this person will provide a communication connection point to share best practices between the other CAF units and Headquarters. This person will also from time to time participate in educational focus group activities to support the development of standards and protocols to continue the implementation of a national education program.

Specific duties include: • Develop interfaces and connections with the Headquarters Educational Team. • Liaison to special interest groups within the Unit’s community and develop support for CAF. • Establish Guiding Principles of Educational/Inspirational story to support CAF wing programs. • Report metrics of inspirational impact and community involvement. • Be the public representative for CAF Education at local unit. • Support the National Educational programs. • Be the communications hub for unit educational outreach.

**Time Requirement ~10 hrs/mo