air group one elections

Air Group One Staff members are looking for hard working dedicated members to fill certain key roles in our organization.

Someone who:

  • Shares their talents with the aviation community
  • Thrives on Community Outreach & Education
  • Is inspired to teach A-STEM education to Elementary & Junior High School Kids
  • Is driven to be part of something better
  • Likes to get their hands dirty
  • Enjoys Volunteering in a non-profit environment

These are Staff positions requiring the following:

  • Approx. 2- 10 hours per month (more if you want it!).
  • You must be a current paid Air Group One
  • You must be a current paid CAF member
  • Excellent Communication and Organizational skills
  • Some positions require technical savvy

If you've been nominated (surprise!) and DO NOT wish to be considered, please contact our Election Committee Chair Warren Thomas at 858-382-9919



Is the Assistant to the Unit Leader and will act in his place during his absence. Specific duties include current knowledge of CAF rules and regulations, meeting facilities, Unit socials, and other duties as may be assigned by the Unit Leader. This officer may be appointed on an annual basis by the Unit Leader and serves as a voting member of the Unit Staff. However, if the Unit Leader chooses to appoint the Executive Officer, the Unit Leader sacrifices his regular voting privilege and can vote only in the case of a tie. If the Executive Officer is duly elected, the Unit Leader retains his usual voting privileges.

**Time Requirement ~10 hrs/mo


Minimum requirements, per CAF policy, include all those listed for Unit Leader, plus a general or military aviation background. If the Airbase/Unit has a CAF assigned aircraft it is recommended that he be a Commemorative Air Force rated pilot with a basic knowledge of CAF flight operations, including airshows and static displays, and the safety requirements and special considerations of each. He should also be well versed in the Aircraft Sponsorship Program. Specific duties include authorizing all flights of Airbase/Unit assigned aircraft, operation of ground equipment, verification of pilot and crew member currency in FAA and CAF ratings and status, serving as Chairman of the Unit Flight Evaluation Board, and assignment of pilot and crew members for Unit aircraft missions. He shall maintain communications with Headquarters through the Vice President of Safety/Maintenance/Operations.

Time Requirement ~10 hrs/mo


Should be a FAA licensed A&P or IA. He is responsible for proper care and maintenance of all aircraft assigned to the Airbase/Unit and for ground equipment. He shall schedule and direct restoration of all CAF aircraft assigned to the Unit. He shall oversee activities of Unit aircraft project officers. He shall clear all planned expenditures through the Unit Staff. Specific duties include ensuring that all aircraft are in airworthy condition prior to flight, maintaining proper records and log books, ordering parts and supplies and training aircraft crew chiefs and personnel that operate/use ground equipment. He shall submit a monthly maintenance and/or restoration report to Headquarters. Communications with CAF Headquarters will be initiated through the office of CAF Vice President of Safety/Maintenance/Operations.

**Time Requirement ~10 hrs/mo


The Education Coordinator will support the national implementation of the CAF Rise Above National Educational/Inspirational Programs at the unit level. These programs are designed to take the lessons of the Tuskegee Airmen, WASP’s and other key marginalized groups within society, during WWII and showcase their struggle to achieve their goals, thereby relating the challenges of the past to the challenges faced today (with emphasis on young people). This person will also support the development of educational programs at the unit local level and its integration into the community. As part of the Rise Above educational programs, this person will provide a communication connection point to share best practices between the other CAF units and Headquarters. This person will also from time to time participate in educational focus group activities to support the development of standards and protocols to continue the implementation of a national education program.

1) Develop interfaces and connections with the Headquarters Educational Team.
2) Liaison to special interest groups within the Units community and develop support for CAF.
3) Establish Guiding Principles of Educational/Inspirational story to support CAF wing programs
4) Report metrics of inspirational impact and community involvement.
5) Be the public representative for CAF Education at local unit.
6) Support the National Educational programs.
7) Be the communications hub for unit educational outreach.

**Time Requirement ~10 hrs/mo


The Development Officer is responsible for overseeing all development activities for the Unit, including creating a Culture of Philanthropy, and oversight of fundraising activities. This position assesses the potential for success of any fundraising activity/plan, and provides a recommendation to the Unit Officers. Clears all fundraising activities/plans with the Unit Officers, and as appropriate, with CAF Headquarters. Coordinates and ensures appropriate recognition of donors is completed in a timely manner - for both cash and in-kind donations.

**Time Requirement ~10 hrs/mo