Bob Meyer  

We cherish the memory of the Baron today, an amazing friend, fighter pilot, Air Group One supporter and hero. He went West on 8 Oct 2013 after fighting a long struggle with health issues from Agent Orange.  'The Baron' flew many aircraft during his time in the USAF and National Guard, including F-101 Voodoo's, F-4's and O-1 Bird Dogs.  

A very humble man, the Baron earned the Silver Star for Bravery in Vietnam when he "commandeered" an Air Force O-1 Bird Dog in order to save the lives of a special forces team being overrun on the Ho Chi Minh trail. He was not allowed to take the aircraft, but at gunpoint convinced the Crew Chief to hand over the keys. The Air Force wanted to Court Martial 'Baron' but the Army wanted the Medal of Honor. They settled on the Silver Star.

The Baron was brought to Air Group One by Dwight Wait, a fellow Squadron mate and friend. He will be remembered with fond memories by his wife Jill and his family, friends, comrades and Air Group One members.  

Thank you for your service Baron, and we shall meet you out West.