ECEDC Welcome at the Air Group One (AG-1), Commemorative Air Force (CAF),

Aviation Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (A-STEM) program.

The program is organized and executed by AG-1, based at Gillespie Field in El Cajon, CA, and is a synergistic effort by many in the aviation community. Volunteers from many different aviation environments have organized for the sake of our nation's youth, in San Diego County.

Sat. Feb. 8   9:00  am to 2:00 pm  San Diego Air & Space Museum Annex at Gillespie Field

Aviation Day  consists of scheduled sequential topics every 50 minutes. Subjects will include Power Plants, 
Aerodynamics, Helicopters, Aviation Materials, Space-age topics, Robotics and Aviation Careers. Students will be divided into escorted smaller groups that rotate through several learning stations with experienced aviation instructors and technicians. Students will be in direct contact with real aircraft and equipment, with the assistance of qualified pilots/instructors.



Terry Brennan. General Aviation pilot, Curator of the San Diego Air & Space Museum.

Howard Young. Retired USN Flight Test pilot, Aeronautical Engineer, college educator.

Swede Gamble. Former Naval Aviator, former FAA Inspector, general Aviation pilot, flight instructor.

Kathy Wagschal. Aerospace Engineer, NAVAIR F/A-18 In-Service Support.

Darrel Cook. General Aviation , qualified formation pilot, flight instructor, master aircraft mechanic.

Sonya McMullen. Adjunct Assistant Professor at Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University, General Aviation pilot, former USAF with National Security Agency.

Rick Worthen. General Aviation pilot and flight instructor, former FAA representative.

Jim McGarvie. Former Naval Aviator, retired airline captain, Wing Leader of Air Group One / CAF

Howard Merritt. General Aviation pilot, engineer and master aircraft mechanic.

Joel Perez. Aerospace Engineer, Pratt & Whitney AeroPower.

Dragan Radoicic. Engineer. AltitudeCAM LLC aerial cinematography and photography, RC multi rotor aircrafts.

Any questions, please contact  Col. John Telles, AG-1 Youth Education Coordinator at 
(760)458-4230 or