L5 Restoration Group

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Air Group One

L5 Restoration

Using blueprints from more than half a century ago, volunteers have devoted countless hours and enormous manpower to the complete restoration of their beloved L-5.  Wooden components for the wings needed to be manufactured from scratch and precision tools were created to produce them – this was by no means a small task.  Momentum is continually gaining on the project and a hopeful completion date of June 7 should allow Betsy to take wing for her first air show in over two decades.  Stay tuned to Air Group One’s L-5 restoration page at http://ag1caf.org/l5-restoration-blog/ to get the most up-to-date information on her progress.

If you would like to be a part of the restoration or would like to donate to Air Group One’s L-5 restoration fund, contact Air Group One at (619) 259-5541 or visit the website ag1caf.org to help get Betsy back in the air and see an important and hugely impactful piece of American History come back to life.

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