Hangar Safety Training

In order to stay in compliance with Commemorative Air Force regulations, a measure was passed by AG1 staff in December 2015 to increase the operational safety practices of AG1 members while at the airport as well as at AG1 activities. The requirement was made to ensure that ALL AG1 members receive update training in the safe operation of AG1 equipment and facilities, as well as safe practices around aircraft. While some members have been performing these activities for a long period of time without incident, it is the intent of staff to ensure that AG1 members continue to operate safely. This training will also be required for new AG1 members as an orientation.

While this update training includes seemingly simple tasks such operation of hangar doors and golf carts, it also may include other items such as tug and aircraft operations as well. Understanding that all members may not need or want to be trained in all areas, there is a check-off list of general items, and for those that desire, additional training that includes items such as aircraft operations and such. Update training will be conducted by selected AG1 staff and may be by discussion or by the member demonstrating the task.

To ensure that the training is documented, AG1 staff members will conduct update training after each monthly meeting starting in February, until all current members are trained. Afterwards, the training will be conducted following the January and February meetings, and as required. To be included in the update training you must be a current member of Commemorative Air Force and AG1, and know your Colonel number. Members will only be allowed to operate equipment in which they have received the update training on and have signed off. During the update, a new Hold Harmless should be completed to ensure that there is a current form on file.

Please print out both forms and bring with you to the Air Group One Hangar

Bob Finnin

Safety Officer