Mark Krause

San Diego, CA


Krause Air Shows

I grew up around airplanes and aviation as a youth in an USAF family.  Many of my boyhood friends had fathers that served as fighter pilots or in support crews keeping those planes flying.  My father served for nearly 30 years as an Air Force Chaplain.  I developed through his eyes an unshakable respect and unending gratitude for those that have served in the military and put themselves in harm's way, many making the ultimate sacrifice.  It's this respect and gratitude that has fostered my passion in aviation photography as expressed through my images.

I especially love the aircraft from the WWII era as those birds are quite unlike today's military marvels.  These aircraft quite often are merely a physical extension of the pilots' shear will and determination to persevere in battle, pilot against pilot, to take home a victory and ensure freedom.    There's a particular challenge in photographing these WWII era aircraft; to capture the power, the grace, and the colorful heritage and to be able to preserve a moment in time from an era long ago and present it to others throughout time. 

My 30+ year career in software engineering has paralleled my interest in aviation.   I currently am employed as a principal engineer responsible for simulation and testing at Sandel Avionics.  We design and develop advanced avionics displays with the utmost emphasis on safety and situational awareness.  Our displays fly in all category of aircraft and are used world-wide.

I am thrilled to be able to photograph these magnificent Warbirds in support of Air Group One and share my passion through my images as a reminder or as an inspiration for all to enjoy!