Welcome potential Air Group One members to the AG1 Membership Grant Program.  

Volunteers helping at events

 Air Group One (AG1) is the San Diego wing or chapter of the Commemorative Air Force. The Commemorative Air Force is our national organization that owns the aircraft we maintain, administers our insurance needs, provides organization guidance and administration, and promotes aviation on the national level with lobbyists and direct communication with the FAA.  The CAF defends the needs of the warbird community, benefitting all the other peripheral organizations. The CAF also has a large base and museum complex in Midland, Texas. Why am I telling you this? CAF or national membership is mandatory for our Air Group One membership and the CAF membership may seem a little pricey if you don't understand what it is used for.

The only way our National CAF organization stays funded is through donations; the $200/year (or $19/month) membership donations make up a large chunk of the funding for our national organization and provides that crucial framework Air Group One needs to survive and flourish.   

Air Group One leadership understands that $200/year + $50 Air Group One dues may not fit in everyone's budget, especially with the economy having such a "soft" recovery.   

Volunteers and AG1 member flying in the Pearl Harbor Anniversary flights

The Membership Grant Program is a way Air Group One can help out potential members/volunteers that cannot afford the membership this year. The potential member can make a request to a staff member for this Membership Grant Program and submit a statement about the applicant's background, goals and volunteer plans with AG1. The prospective member will keep track of their AG1 volunteer hours and contributions for three months and present them to a staff member to bring to a staff meeting for discussion. There are no set-in-stone requirements, such as 30-40 volunteer hours a month (suggested), but the sincerity,  circumstances and effort will be evaluated by the staff on a case-by-case basis. The volunteer hour clipboard is available in the hangar to keep track of your volunteer time.

If approved for the Membership Grant, Air Group One would provide the new member a one-time, one-year membership with Air Group One, a National CAF membership, and an Air Group One embroidered polo dry-fit shirt.