Are you a 200+ hour pilot with a desire to fly WWII aircraft?  If Yes, then Air Group One is the Volunteer Organization for you.   You can support charities, veterans, youth education, and our aviation heritage while gaining War Bird experience.   Volunteer support and low costs make this a fantastic opportunity for pilots and mechanics to get involved in something positive.

 Aircraft Sponsorship

The way it works with Air Group One?  Our aircraft and volunteers are our most important asset.  Volunteer pilots, mechanics, and enthusiasts are the foundation of Air Group One.  Come down to the Hangar, lend a hand, meet us and ask some questions.  Working days at the hangar are tuesday and thursday each week.  Currently we are always busy Tuesday afternoon at 5-7.30pm working on the L-5.  Howard Merritt the maintenance officer is usually at the Hangar 9.30 - 4pm each weekday.  Feel free to call him at 619.820.5359 and he will coordinate to meet you.

Do you have tail wheel experience?  If so, GREAT!  but if not, we have some of the best flight instructors that can prepare you for your warbird career.    

  • Darrell Cook - Instructor and SNJ-5 and L-3 Pilot
  • Erich Moulder - Instructor, and SNJ-5, YAK, Biplane and L-3 Check Pilot
AG1 Member Chuck Hall and the P-51 Mustang "Six Shooter"

AG1 Member Chuck Hall and the P-51 Mustang "Six Shooter"

Typically a new pilot gets involved with AG-1, volunteers for a couple months then gets invited to sponsor one of our warbirds.  Depending on your flight experience, the current needs of the unit, and your volunteer motivation you may get invited to fly the SNJ-5, L-3 or L-5 or another aircraft.  The typical new tailwheel pilot may go to the Aeronca L-3 Grasshopper to build tailwheel time and gain experience while they are supporting AG-1's missions.  These missions may include rides for generating donations, flyovers, formation, ash dispersal or air shows.   

What we pay?    

  • Yearly CAF insurance $400 / year  (Charitable Contribution for taxes)
  • 1 time Sponsorship fee's:  L-birds $1,500, Trainers (T-6) $3,500, Fighters $10,000
  • Fuel (unless it is a Air Group Mission)
  • MCRP - Maintenance Cost Recovery Program.  This MCRP is another name for a maintenance reserve.   $25/hour for the L-birds, and $100/hour for the T-6. 
  • MCRP exemption - As a pilot sponsor you get 1.5 hours free each month for pilot currency training. 

 Why join us?  Air Group One offers more than cool airplanes to fly in some of the most fun civilian missions. We eat, drink and sleep flying so you will learn many new skills that improve your safety and overall flying abilities.  You WILL fly an assortment of different aircraft.  

Please contact Erich Moulder 619.929.1025 for further information.