Air Group One Pilots


Jim McGarvie


Jim McGarvie was born and raised in the San Francisco Bay Area. He graduated from San Francisco State College in 1966 as the Vietnam War was heating up, and married Air Group One Adjutant Jan McGarvie. He joined the Navy and went to Aviation Officer Candidate School in Pensacola, FL.

After receiving his wings he reported to NAS (now MCAS) Miramar for training in the F-8 Crusader.

Following his second Vietnam cruise in F-8s he became an instrument instructor in TA-4s at Miramar before being released from active duty in 1971. He subsequently spent three years flying F-8's and the F-4 Phantom in the reserves.

McGarvie flew for Pacific Southwest Airlines and US Airways before opting for early retirement in 2000. He flew his first warbird in 1971—a Ryan PT-22—and in addition to his own Mooney is currently flying Air Group One’s SNJ-5 "Sassy", a P-51 Mustang and an F4U Corsair.

In 2008, Jim qualified as a Navy Legacy Flight pilot.


Darrel Cook


I started flying in 1991 when I got my PPL at Golden State Flying Club.  Because I loved flying so much, I wanted to share that joy with others, so I obtained both my CFI and CFII.
Since I have a passion for War Birds, I joined the CAF in 2006 and Air Group One in 2009. To help the public learn more about aircraft history and the contributions made by veteran pilots, I began helping with Wings Over Gillespie and with restoration of the L-5 and maintenance on the SNJ.

I feel fortunate to have been asked to become a sponsor and pilot for the SNJ and L3 and am happily flying to airshows and giving members and the general public flights.

Besides my work with the CAF, I have served as president of Coastal Fliers—a small, nonprofit, pilot-owned flying club.   

Since I never served as a military or commercial pilot, I am honored to fly with such experienced pilots in planes that I truly love.  It just goes to show if you love something enough and are willing to work hard, you can do almost anything!


Alton "Boots" McCormick


"Boots" McCormick is an experienced commercial and military pilot, as well as a flight instructor. During his 20+ years aviation experience, he has flown fighters, tankers, surveillance aircraft, and helicopters, as well as any warbird he can get his hands on. One of his proudest moments is getting signed of in Air Group One's beautiful SNJ-5, "Sassy". 



Christopher Van Stelle



Christopher Van Stelle


Mike Dralle


Mike has been a member of Air Group one since 2007 and has worked primarily as the PX manager. If you see him at our Airshow or event he will be the guy at our trailer selling merchandise and espousing aviation history to any willing person.

As pilot he has over 600 hours in small aircraft and is an instrument rated private pilot, currently also flying our newest aircraft the Aeronca L-3.

Mike is also an engineer at General Atomics Aeronautical Systems Group which also builds aircraft for the US military.

He is also working on restoring the Stinson L-5 which he and many others in the group hope to fly soon.