San Diego "Spirit of 45" planning page

The Kiss Statue in Downtown San Diego

The Kiss Statue in Downtown San Diego

San Diego is spearheading the Spirit of 45 efforts in 2014 to promote Nation wide efforts in 2015 for the 70th Anniversary of end of WWII.   To commemorate the sacrifice and values of the 'Greatest Generation' and maximize the positive effect on San Diegans, We will be coordinating a Parade of Air Power on 14 August 2014 in conjunction with various ground events around the county.  San Diego's demographics are filled with active duty military, veterans, defense contractors, and aviation and military enthusiasts.  Almost everyone in San Diego is connected with the true spirit of 45 in some way, we just need to highlight those values and preserve it for future generations.

Jerry Yellin's Blog, Spokesman of the "Spirit of 45"

Jerry Yellin's Blog, Spokesman of the "Spirit of 45"

The Parade of Air Power will take place a 11:30 through 12:30, during the lunch hour, and fly a path touching many of the prominent and important historical spots in San Diego.  The Air Power parade may consist of local and CAF aircraft that may have been flown in and around the time of WWII.    In many cases the WWII Aircraft will be stewards of other precious historical gems, WWII veterans flying in the back seats over San Diego.

Jerry Yellin, WWII P-51 Pilot will lead the Aug 14 Squadron in the "Parade of Air Power".

What can you help with?

As with any air operation, we are only successful with strong ground support.  Please contact your local schools, veterans groups, non profits and museums to help make August 14 special and promote the values of the Greatest Generation into our nations future.  

Please send questions and potential support to Phil Kendro at

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Resources - Funds for Fuel and Aircraft

Potential Aircraft

 P-51 (Chuck Hall), FM-2 Wildcat CAF (Dan Wotrin), PBY (Jim Slattery), TBM (Jim Slattery), T-28A (Dave Payte), T-6 Texan Flight (SNJ-5 Air Group One, T-6G Pete Hunt, T-6D Walter Bagdasarian, T-6G), and PT-17 Stearman Flight of Four (Bob Simon, Steve Byers, Bill Allen, Dave Palatine, Rick Fortem) and Liaison Aircraft Flight (L-2 Kent Casady, L-3  Air Group One).

Estimated Costs

 $5000 in Fuel/Maintenance 

Potential WWII Veterans 

 Admiral Sheldon, Steve Pisanos, Jerry Yellin, Rudy Rudat (AG1) 




Below is the Flight Plan of the Spirit of 45 "Air Power Parade"  Other veterans organizations or non profits are encouraged to time (coordinate) their own events with the proposed Air Power Flyovers.