Volunteer of the Month

June 2013:  CAF Colonel Kathleen Devlin for her exceptional effort and dynamic performance as Volunteer Coordinator for the 2013 Wings Over Gillespie Air Show. (Now known as AirShow San Diego)

July 2013: CAF Colonel Abraham Talerman for his ideas, dedication and efforts with the Air Group One A-STEM Education program and his abilities as an instructor to youth.

August 2013:  Mike Dralle and Vicki Moen for their long time, dedicated service to the Air Group, especially for their hard work running the PX to the different Air Shows each year.

September 2013:  Christopher Van Stelle for his exceptional efforts in building the Air Group One Website and integrating it with our CRM and Authorize.Net systems.

October 2013: CAF Colonel Mike Greenhalgh 

November 2013:  Norma Draper

December 2013:  Bailey Burkhartsmeier for her continued successful Air Group One Promotions, marketing talents and taking over and upgrading the Air Group One Scuttlebutt Newsletter.

January 2014: Warren Thomas

February 2014: Marvin Robbins

March 2014: David Hanson & Cheryl Bailey

April 2014: Bob Simon

May 2014: Dwight Wait

June 2014: Jacob Van Stelle

July 2014: